0/ Remains of the added value
On the economy of inequality

Ulrike Grossarth

Current interests:

• Bartering and its basics, values in general, their origin and the rules governing the economic language for the exchange of goods.

• Subject-constitutive conditions derived from economic contexts.

• Practical preparation of Central-Eastern European archive material in seminars, exhibitions and actions at original locations.

• ‘blank space productivity’ (Sylvia Krämer) in the Salle des Mères.

From the beginning of my artistic work, I have been interested in methods and forms permanently allowing for the creation of an open space in which non-closable and ephemeral structures may emerge.

A prerequisite for this is the acceptance of the continuous transformation of forms developed, for instance, by Hannah Arendt in her book The Human Condition, as variables that still need to be developed in culture. In her systematic analysis of the three fundamental activities of labour, work and action, she describes the concept of action as the “actual underlying human capacity […] to start new unprecedented processes whose outcome remains uncertain and unpredictable”. This “new science” (Hannah Arendt) cannot be purely theoretical to be then transferred, in an exemplary way, to the world of bodies; it results from a labour that is aware of its relationships and conditions.

The detection of this vacant space in the traditional sets of rules of western societies, where they exist as unconscious zones or fallouts that are bridged by abstractions has been the basic theme in my work since the 1980s and is further developed by projects in south-east Poland.